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*Registration for ALL 2021 programs is now closed*


To inquire about registering after March 28, email
Any registration requests we are able to accommodate will be subject to a $100 late fee.

Pony Pride's PeeWee programs will challenge players to reach the next level of play. Focus will be on improving explosiveness, agility and stamina. Players will run through fast paced drills and competitions encouraging speed and puck control while keeping in mind the importance of decision making and physical play.

REGISTRATION OPEN : Feb. 1 - Mar. 28
EARLY REGISTRATION / SAVE 10% / Feb. 1 - Feb. 14
LATE REGISTRATION / $50 LATE FEE (per program!) / Mar. 15 - Mar. 28

*Any registration requests made after Mar. 28 that we are able to honor, will be charged a $100 late registration fee.*


Registration Fee: $480.00

June 7 - July 2
M, T, Th, F
11:40a - 12:40p
Rec. Ctr. - South
16 hours


Registration Fee: $450.00

July 6 - July 30
M, T, Th, F
11:40a - 12:40p
Rec. Ctr. - South
15 hours


Registration Fee: $270.00

Aug. 25 - Sept. 17
6:40p - 7:40p
Week 1: W, F
Week 2 & 3: T, Th
Week 4: M, W, F
Rinks vary
9 hours

*We are currently at the maximum number of skaters we can carry at this time in our PeeWee fall program. A waiting list is now in place.*

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